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Exciting “Green Shade Glow” Performance at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe – 2/27

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I am so excited to say I had a blast at my performance at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, New York City for Open Mic Monday on February 27, 2012.  I had a game plan and went in and execute with a lot of fun.   I had the green shades on tonight getting live (reason I wore them, because their spotlight be super bright, to blind someone on stage), I also perform the 1st single off my upcoming Hip-Hop Ep album “The Burna Effect” in which I decided to go with a photo I already had as the album cover.

I performed a little warm up freestyle called, “Get Up” in which is just a joint I use or going to tend pick up once in a while to fill my 5 minute time slot at Open Mics I will be attending.  I almost forget, the song/freestyle will be on the album (silly me), and I also performed “Girls” which is the first single off the album in which this performance is the first time I performed an original song with a beat created and produced by myself, so I was extra proud of that fact.

Either way the performance went like clock work, even though minimal and simple, I felt I am warming up to stage performances.  I can’t wait to get better. I did happen to have a prop malfunction which was quite funny to me, but it didn’t hinder what I was doing, so the show went on.

I insert a few comedic lines and storytelling in between songs, which worked pretty well.  I think I am going to continue to test those out, as well as my witty stage introduction in which I try to get some laughs in quick by the audience, because overall I want everyone to have a good time.

Thanks, for taking the time to read my experience and I hope you come and see my perform one day soon.  I should be doing many more shows at the Nuyorican and other places throughout the year.  But you can always see and listen to my works via Soundcloud ReverbNation and Vimeo Youtube if you can’t make it to a show or in a different city or country.




Thanks for reading again, and I hope to entertain you all, and take you behind the scenes of my journey.

PS: I will be updating this post and add some cool features, links and pics.  I am just rushing to get some other stuff done right now. 🙂 Have a great day.

From JA to NYC it’s jixi
Jixi Fox

Are You Ready For Some Auto Tunes? – Jixi

Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune - Front Cover

Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune - Front Cover

I am Jixi, and I bust a groove in Auto Tune once in a while, then I compile the MADNESS into an album and share it with the world.  You would think I am crazy if you heard the comedic album of mixed raps and singing.  But I would tell you it’s straight GENIUS.  Please believe the uber-epic habits of myself is just an extension of my creativity and looney-ness when not confined by rules, limits and what people have to say about me.  So are you ready for some Auto Tunes?  Well if you are, take a listen to “I’m A Problem” via ReverbNation and “When I Met Her In The Club” the singles off my 1st installment of “Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune” which I released in 2010.

Oh yea good news, the 2nd installment of the “Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune” aka “TAOAT 2” is due to be released on [4.11.11 ] so be prepared for the most awesome comedic improv singing and rapping music album of 2011 by Jixi B. and Jixi Fox.

You can download “Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune” for FREE at http://bit.ly/jixi_TAOAT or http://www.jixifox.com

From JA to NYC,
Itz Jixi

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50,000 views is the GOAL!! by Jixi Fox

A case of the Mondays

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My goal of 2011 via my blog is to reach 50,000 views total.  I am currently sitting on 26,000 so far, so another 24,000 views is my target.  I feel I can reach for the sky and say 75,000 views which is reachable, but I am going to just say 50,000.  (In my own mind, I if I reach to 50,000 then that’s great, but being competitive with myself I am gunning for 75,000.) Do you think I can make it?  Well I am going to have to earn every single view I get.  So it’s just quality, great content and fun things for the world to enjoy is what I will be producing…So Jixi Fox, your goal for your blog this year is:

50,000 views total by the end of Dec. 2011

Jixi Fox Goal #1 of 2011

Oh I forgot to mention where I shall be having the views…lol. Well of course right here on my WordPress Blog (Jixi Fox on WordPress), I have a different GOAL for my Blogspot and Tumblr Blog.  I am everywhere you know.  I am trying to reach the world.  Anyways, if you can help me out and enjoy my content, SUBSCRIBE to me via email if you like.  :)_ have a great day!

Always aim for your goals in life…
Itz Jixi