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Slow Down

Slow it down baby don’t you rush,
I want to feel everything, every single touch,
Girl you are the sexiest, hot as can me,
We can start slow then fast, its only you and me.

– Jixi Fox

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Building Blocks – Jixi Fox [#Poetry]

I create the vision,
I stack the blocks,
I build them high,
They are strong as rocks,
It took me years,
It took me time,
I started off a noob,
I refined it now it cool,
Though I struggle,
No pain no gain,
I work hard everyday,
To one day my some fame,
I train smart,
I train wise,
My building blocks are here to stay.

– Jixi Fox

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Icy Late Night

Late night wake up, I want to feel icy,
I am going to Jacob, to get my wrist froze,
My bank account the same way, can’t touch it, its too cold,
Located the fridge, stick my hand in the ice box, my wrist got froze, thanks a lot.

– Jixi Fox

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Last Laugh

You wont play me and get away,
I am coming back at you no getaway,
The target is set on your back to feel my wrath,
When I defeat you I am going to have the last laugh.

– Jixi Fox

Banana Clips (Going APE)

More, More, More

More, More, More (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I rap, I spit, my banana splits,
I eat, I grin, I eat again,
I have a line, nope I got a clip,
Eff a banana boat, I got a banana clip.

Jixi Fox

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Boyfriend feat. Jixi

justin bieber boyfriend

It’s wet, call it a pool, nope an OCEAN, let’s dive in,
It’s all gravy baby, no crying, stop the whining,
As a matter of fact continue and shake shake it girl,
If me and you were together, we would rule the world.
(let me be your boyfriend) 

– Jixi Fox

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Barbie is a NOOB


Barbie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ken trying to get it, She won’t let it be,
She playing hard to get, Ken just want to beat,
They play in the house, they play in the pool,
After ken has got enough, Ken is out boo.

– Jixi Fox

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