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Mind Full of Mine Fields – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



My mind echos my retarded thoughts,
Fixed ambitious of actions I call upon,
We meet, we create a strategy,
We attack, and be beat down,
All opponents, scared or brave,
Their counteract are strong,
Leaving mines on my field,
I am mindful of their ways,
Wanting to blow me up,
Back to my past days,
Or in ways I don’t exist,
So each second, minute, hour, I create,
Explosive ways to set me along my way,
Trials and errors, flawed transitions,
I fight hard to exist,
I know if I am not mindful of mine ways,
As I am of everyone else,
A mine might set off,
Then I will no longer have a mind.

Mind Full of Mine Fields
by: Jixi Fox


By Nature – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



By nature, I am a king, so I wear the crown,
I am a happy soul, so I wear a smile not a frown,
The day blends with the night, I dream everywhere I go,
I keep my life consistent everything I do goes with the flow,
I think, I create, I debate, I execute,
I try, I fail, I try again, I aim to win not to lose,
Mirrors shows the side of me, I though was always hidden,
I don’t like to just to receive and take, to the world I have always given,
Love, entertainment, advice and even some random wordplay,
Poetry, free verse, metaphors, comedy are within the realm I stay,
I wear what I like to everyone’s surprise, be random is hell,
I live for my freedom, no thoughts not expressed, locked or jailed,
A free bird by nature, I spread my wings, so I fly,
Can’t stay underground for ever so I aim high in the sky,
No limits, no borders I emerge once again a king,
Life is too short, and can be too long, but always end, FIN.

By Nature
by: Jixi Fox

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Fancy Names – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

Those fancy names, dont impress me,
Always been mentioned pound sign trending,
I use to want to fit in,
But now I beg for freedom,
Unbranded until I build it,
A new thought,
A new method,
It is what makes you,
It is what breaks you,
Fancy names arw just that,
They come they can be forgotten.

– Jixi Fox

Bragging Rights – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



I am cocky,
I know it,
So I always show it,
I can style on you,
Buy what I want to,
Kick your ass,
Beat your best,
In some video games,
I control the noob population,
I eliminate them now and then
My phrases grow longer as I speak them,
I got no words,
So I stick out my tongue,
I laugh in your face,
I smack your ice cream on the ground,
You can’t grin or smile,
Because it’s me you dislike,
I am the man,
Listen up your attention needed,
So stare if you may,
Not too hard that’s lame,
If I was,
I would wink back,
I am in your house,
Raiding your fridge,
I kick my feet on your couch,
Say something bish,
I am in control,
I am quite bold,
This shiz don’t get old,
I win all the hands,
My bragging rights will never fold.

Bragging Rights
by: Jixi Fox


Loose Pennies – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

In a dream state,
I wake,
Thinking of dreams I created,
Thinking of dreams I hate,
Not gaining any worth of thoughts,
I throw my mind to the wind,
Falling from pocket,
No spare change left to give,
Only enchanted ones I would like to pass,
So its freedom to someone,
Paid freed by love than cash,
So all the hate I rid from the world,
They are enemies to me,
I rather they fall from my pockets,
Like dead leaves from a tree,
Still no worth nor beauty,
But in some eyes it might seem to be,
Just a bunch of loose pennies,
Invisible to thee, if not for greed.

Loose Pennies
by: Jixi Fox

Where and When – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

Foggy Tree Branch

Foggy Tree Branch (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

I am running as fast as I can,
To which ever end I don’t know,
I simply can’t translate my thoughts,
I don’t know where to go,
Foggy glasses in a glass shed of memories,
I try not to copy my pass fails in my present form,
I don’t want to go where everyone has been,
I just want to go where I need to go,
When is that time?
Where am I going?
On this lonesome journey I need followers,
Some to keep my safe and others to give me water,
For my thirst cannot be quench thus so easily,
I am still not there yet,
Or did I even start?
No one follows behind me,
Yet my shadow is not too far apart,
Where am I going, I running as fast as I can,
When I slow down maybe I will see who was behind me,
And was following from when I first began.

Where and When
by: Jixi Fox

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Oh My God, Not This Shit Again – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



I am late to work,
I forgot to eat,
A hole in my socks,
My phone died,
I said I love you,
I am lonely,
I need money,
People calling me crazy,
Who’s knocking on my door?
I had to change seats,
In here smells,
She didn’t come,
Bills overdue,
I wish I could sue you,
The laughter stops,
I can’t stop crying,
Am I really whining?
I can’t read the sign,
An idea lost,
I hate my boss,
I can’t get up,
Why is she so envious?
When will enough be enough.

Oh My God, Not This Shit Again
by: Jixi Fox

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Building Blocks – Jixi Fox [#Poetry]

I create the vision,
I stack the blocks,
I build them high,
They are strong as rocks,
It took me years,
It took me time,
I started off a noob,
I refined it now it cool,
Though I struggle,
No pain no gain,
I work hard everyday,
To one day my some fame,
I train smart,
I train wise,
My building blocks are here to stay.

– Jixi Fox

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