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Taste me,
Satisfy me,
Eat me,
Now lick your lips,
Was it worth it?
Get a grip,
Flavors bursting,
Hurting any thoughts of stopping,
Indulge in my everything,
I want you to not be able to refuse,
As I do,
Leaving you trapped in this voodoo,
What you trying to do,
Scream or moan,
Pick up the phone and call for help,
Or invite someone else,
To experience this intense mood,
Who would have thought,
Food could do the do,
Please no sharing,
It’s one person per feeding,
Too much hands involved,
It’s slim pickings,
Just explore my insides and out,
And explode in these cravings,
To yours and my delight.

Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox
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You see me doing good,
Do good too,
You see me eating food,
Eat food too,
But what we not going to do,
Is confuse this with that,
That’s a mismatch,
Don’t cash in your coins,
Before it’s fully invested,
Get it,
It’s pulling out the race,
Before you even got the shoes,
So before trying to mirror me,
Study in the mirror being you,
Because I been me,
Before you created the replica of me in you.

This poem here has a deep meaning of people trying to follow other without having a core for themselves. It’s like you want people to be successful, but don’t do it from basically following me, but more adapt my ideals and create your own success being you. For the same things you won’t get exactly, like the emotions, the same respond or respect. So be carefully who you choose to mirror. 🙂

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Jixi Fox
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In a matter of seconds,
My whole life changed,
A new page,
Broke out of an old cage,
Flapping my wings to fly,
I could only head high,
Right for the sky..

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Jixi Fox
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Twitter: @jixifox


Chubby Sexy Poetics - Jixi Fox Poetry Art Poems 9

Just as how chipotle is my life,
Fashion is my life,
Stunning when I walk by,
So fly I attract all the eyes,
Fancy I am, can’t believe my own style,
I am a monster on the cat walk,
Ladies eat out your heart, die-hard,
Don’t cry if I take your man away,
I shall give him right back,
My after thoughts as of right now,
I am flaming on the charts,
I am quite hot.

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Jixi Fox

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Committed to her way,
A lone gaze will turn you to stone,
She models full-time she is hardily ever home,
Shopping on 5th Ave showcasing her high heel,
Way over your head she is, she is a big deal,
Gaining followers and followers on her instagram and blog,
Men want to fly her away to islands and getaway lofts,
She has a sparkle when seen, even blinding at times,
I want to achieve this gem, I am trapped, her light I can’t bend.

Jixi Fox




Silk gown,
Mean walk,
Furious attitude,
Take you out on a date,
She is the main event,
She is killing the catwalk,
Runaway model,
Always on my mind,
Fine wine with those long legs,
She is amazing,
Get I get your number,
Handed her my pen,
When have I been caught in such a fashion shock,
It was the day I decided to leave to the city and off the block.


Jixi Fox

Domo Ninja – Halloween 2013

Hi, I was a “Domo Ninja” for Halloween.  I figured I would just share with you my costume.  It was the first time I ever dressed up, and of course I had to mix two elements of me into one, I am an entertainer and a ninja.

Look At Me Now… DOMO NINJA.

Domo Ninja - Jixi Fox - jixifox

Did you dress up for Halloween?  What do think about Halloween?

Itz Jixi

I NEED A GIRL #Scarlet



I need a girl with scarlet colored hair and blue eyes,
With happy thoughts and blows sexy kisses as time passes by,
She may stop traffic with her mind and body and can be herself being bold,
I need a girl with direction in life, believes in herself and has her own goals,

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so in my eyes she alone I would want to hold,
Late at night, movie nights, and even cuddling in the comforter folds,
A woman with experience, knowledge and courage to be my backbone,
The woman for me, with a sense of humor and smile to call my own.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis


© Copyrighted 2013 Jixi Fox