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The Biggest Risk Ever, WOW

Daily writing prompt
What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to?

This prompt hits the soul, the biggest risk would be to pure my heart out to someone, and ask them to love me unconditionally. I want this one person to just trust in you, even though you haven’t known each other long, that I got them, and I just want them to have me.

love poem – black love

my fingers curled up in her hair,
she trusts me,
i keep her secure all the time,
she loves me,
what ever she needs,
i provide,
until the end of time,
she is mine,
if I am ready to roll,
she is ready to ride,
i am my happiest,
when she is by my side,
we don’t fear to express,
we created a lane for our love to manifest,
to beauty,
to appreciation,
lovebirds on the wall,
she is my ebony queen,
if she ever stumbles,
i will be there to catch her fall.

jixi fox

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love poem – slid so deep in her dms

ran so fast,
try to stop,
but slid,
right into her dms,
that’s what I did,
where your man at,
can I be you man,
i am not a fan girl,
i am trying to be your man,
i ready to bag now,
paper or plastic,
wasting no time,
is probably my worse habit,
if you don’t ask,
how shall you receive,
slid so deep in her dms,
i am on my knees,
hey baby,
can you be mine,

jixi fox

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love poem – status taken

holding hands,
walking together,
same clan,
with goals planned,
a box checked,
a future in progress.

jixi fox

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

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love poem – her

i heart you,
took so long,
found you,
to never let go,
been so long,
missing love,
with you,
going strong.

jixi fox

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Take me out,

Show me places,

I want to see faces,

I want to try new tastes,

On any occasion,

I want to just go,

Just let it all flow,

If get lost somehow along the lines,

I will let you know.



I have something to say,
Ummm, I have been hurt in the past,
I wore my heart on my sleeves,
I wanted love so much,
But It it didn’t want me,
I was out there in the cold,
Cruising through dating apps,
Even got stalked by a few girls,
Right on my snapchat,
I just don’t know what to say anymore,
To a girl I like,
For in 2.2 seconds,
Conversation is dead,
There is no coming back,
Text left on read,
I fled back to my bed,
Are guys are allowed to cry?
Could I show you my sensitive side?
Can you just help me out today,
I just want to know your name,
Maybe you are down for a chat,
I promise I could make you smile,
How about that?

Photo by Allef Vinicius (ig: @seteales)

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