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I have been working on a few projects in my mind for the last few weeks, names and titles of the works, then BAM, I a decision had to be made. Do you want to stick your big toe in the water to test the temperature? Well, I have decided YES.

I have decided to work and head back in the studio to work on my latest project.

I have decided on the name of my podcast (which was epically so simple), but required a lot of brain power if I will do it. But I am happy to know the answer.

I have decided to make videos on Tik Tok. Yea I know, like everybody else.

I decided on a lifestyle blog post theme. Well, honestly I can mention this one, “Life in New York City / My New York City Lifestyle“, yet again simple, but it’s going stretch me to go out again and interact with the world. Just know, living in a major in the world, New York City is a wild place with fantastic, interesting, but can be crazy people. 🙂

Celebrate your wins… “I Have Decided“.

Leave a comment: on an important decision you recently had to make?

Photo by nilufar nattaq
Photo by Trevor Hayes

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In life we need more wins. So I found a few wins and inspiration to share with you to keep you going, in the fight to find happiness…
Check them out below, in the form of signs

you are enough
i hate nothing about you
don’t give up. you are not alone. you matter.
you got this.
do what you love.
i miss you like the deserts miss the rain.
love is all you need.

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thank you.

Fake Traffic – Leaked and Exposed

Leaked and Exposed

Likes pouring in,
Followers are bumping,
My status is popping,
My heart is pumping,
This ain’t adding up,
Zero to a million,
But you ain’t bad enough,
But no comments?
What you are selling,
I am not copping,
Had to stop and look,
These views are fake,
This is the route,
You choose to take?
Making up a story,
You crying wolf,
Except you are the piggy,
And your straw house,
I am blowing through.

Leaked & Exposed
“in a world that’s similar to the matrix, are you woke? are you aware of what’s happening? can you detect a lie, can you see through the glass? well, leaked and exposed is your juicy (sip of tea) of guilty pleasure to see things uncovered for what they are, and the truth comes through…”
Ep.1 | Ep.2 | Ep.3 | Ep.4 | Ep.5 | Ep.6 | Ep.7 | Ep.8

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