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It’s a new month and blooming feelings of happiness. I am happy for the spring feelings, spring air, hot weather, New York City spring events and positive energy.

Every month I hope to writing a welcome to a new month series to look forward too. It’s more like a positive vibes and what’s to come. I working on building my platform and adding series I have been testing for over 6 months.

I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for adding a new life to the blog, comments and interests. Life is so much better in a community.

I wish everyone success and happiness in this spring and summer and looking to make my website more valuable to everyone for everyday life but with a twist.

See you soon. Happy May.

Photo by Mark Olsen
Photo by J Lee

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Hi April, it’s a new month and so much to do. The sun is out more, the flowers will bloom, so come outside and enjoy the sun, let the world see you.

Just checking in for a minute,
Waving at you,
Maybe you see me,
Looking at you,
It’s nice outside,
Time to play,
So much light outside,
There is a lot of day,
So keep it bright,
Keep it right,
Come with me if you dare,
We are going to have fun,
All day and all night.

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