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The Day of My Arrival


Once I step foot here, I made the earth shake,
Once I open my mouth to speak, all ears anxiously listened,
As I made my first motion with my hand, the world nervously watched,
Then I did something outrageous and opened a CAN OF WHOOP ASS.

Ha Ha
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Life Without Words, Only Pictures

'British Food' exemplifies Paul Biddle's witty...

‘British Food’ exemplifies Paul Biddle’s witty art photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is a world without words? Can it be replaced with photos?
If a picture is valued as a thousand words, Shall we live life through them?
We pose, we snap, we create, and our words have meaning in which we share,
We cherish photos as we cherish words, for they showcase life, art, moments as memories.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Because I Am Jamaican

People tend to act me where the weed at,
I guess that air I like, I must have breathe that,
Asking which one of my job pays the most,
Cause supposedly I have a millions of those.
(Those people are stereotypical assholes, Oh No)

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis