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The Day of My Arrival


Once I step foot here, I made the earth shake,
Once I open my mouth to speak, all ears anxiously listened,
As I made my first motion with my hand, the world nervously watched,
Then I did something outrageous and opened a CAN OF WHOOP ASS.

Ha Ha
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Life Without Words, Only Pictures

'British Food' exemplifies Paul Biddle's witty...

‘British Food’ exemplifies Paul Biddle’s witty art photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is a world without words? Can it be replaced with photos?
If a picture is valued as a thousand words, Shall we live life through them?
We pose, we snap, we create, and our words have meaning in which we share,
We cherish photos as we cherish words, for they showcase life, art, moments as memories.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Because I Am Jamaican

People tend to act me where the weed at,
I guess that air I like, I must have breathe that,
Asking which one of my job pays the most,
Cause supposedly I have a millions of those.
(Those people are stereotypical assholes, Oh No)

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

The Creative Turnaround


Image via Wikipedia

I changed my angle and replace my current state,
I believe in my talents, my passions, so I keep the faith,
For I use to be driven into the deep and left a stray,
But I did a turnaround 180, into the sunlight, my creative rays.

– Jixi Fox

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New Beginnings Again

Ready for Love

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I am ready and I do mean ready for my projects to get on the way.  A lot of thinking, a lot of planning, a lot of scheduling conflicts and now I am back to action.  It’s been a while since I felt my creativity calling me in which I have been gone from blogging.  I don’t want to force my work, so I keep low and keeping building my out reach so when the time comes I am fully prepared to the lengths in which I want to go.

I am not saying I am ready to blog everyday, but I would like to explore and unleash my creativity here.  I not have much fans and much support, but I love what I do, and I love what I am ready to contribute to the world.  It’s the beginning to my creative works.

itz jixi

Creative People


Image by the sky lit up via Flickr

What’s would the world be without creative people in it?  Let me tell you, it won’t be an ideal world, there won’t be any growth, or any innovative.  It will just be a mirror of yesterday in which everyday is all the same.  I am happy to know I am contributing in the world be creative and help bring new ideas and concepts to the world to enjoy.

It’s one of my life’s goal to always be creative.

“Be Creative Today, Be Creative Everyday”

Jixi Fox

Go Away Rain [#nyc] [Blog-A-Day-May] #18

New York City

Image by kaysha via Flickr

It’s like rain week in New York City.  Just rain and rain and rain and rain.  Gosh!.  It kind of kills my creativity when the rain falls, and not allow me to go out and enjoy the outdoors, but then again it challenges me to be more creativity and adopt a new way of thinking to allow more sensitive material to come from me.  But at the end the day, I wanna go outside again…Rain go away son…

itz jixi

Open Up To New Possibilities

Francis Bacon, From a Painting

Image via Wikipedia

I am quite open-minded in many respects, and I try to get more open to the world and how to appreciate it.  It’s has always been a quest of mines to be multi-diverse in concept of knowledge, culture and being creative.  I feel I can’t be a great person with only limited thoughts and interpretation of the world and the things that are involved in its constant rotation.  It’s not like I am just trying to go deep in being better than others, but more of going deep in understanding.  The more you know, the better you can understand.  That’s why knowledge is a key element of life, but not only knowledge, but experience is just as important.  So open up your mind, open up your possibilities and expand your creativity.

From JA to NYC,
Itz Jixi

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