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After a few long and heavy sequences within my day 12/17/18, it’s been decided #JixiReviews is now a thing.  If you are like me, you hate dumb and uninformative reviews for products, movies, music, and other things.  Well, the good thing for you is I am a multi-diverse person and have always been and always wanted to share real reasons why to buy, view, listen or not to all for those same products.  So please have an open mind and be ready to send in your requests. 🙂 

Here are topics of interests.  #tech #movies #tvshows #music #art 

That time is now here, and surprisingly it begins tomorrow, yup uh huh 12/18/18, why not right? 🙂 So see you soon. 🙂 

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THE GOAL IS 1,000,000

challenge accepted - jixifox emoji

Hi Everyone,

Hello to all my new friends and old ones, here at the Jixi Fox HQ, we have a major announcement.  And yes, I know everyone does a corny announcement or celebration, but this time it’s different.  Lots of surprises, content, giveaway, promotions, and exclusives for everyone.  We are not selfish over here, so we have a few things to share with you.

It’s been decided and at extreme shock value, my goal is to bring my website to over 1,000,000 views.  As poetry, haiku, and art blog it may be a hard task, but I have never back down.  I have taken multiple breaks and it has hurt my viewership and a few aspects, but I know quality content is always a winning formula.  So here I come…

Thanks for reading…
See you soon

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I was in a trance I couldn’t hold my stance,
I mixed up that Afgan Kush and Chronic Super Nova and did my dance,
I am blind through my eyes I can’t see you and surely don’t know you,
I am smoking on that Brown Betty, telling stories to the kiddie, yea I am older.

Itz Jixi…

Today’s rhyme came from watching the Tv show, Fringe on Netflix and I saw a funny episode in which Walter Bishop, one of the main characters of the show creates his own mixture of smokes and got high. His medication had him in the zone telling a story to a little girl. It was just how funny the episode started off that way.

Do you watch Fringe? Did you see it before? If not, its a great show, check it out.


Breathe In and Breathe Out

Breathe In and Breathe Out

Ashanti in the music video for "Good Good...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breathe in and breathe out,
Don’t shout but open your mouth,
Let your words fly,
No landing,
It’s so high,
But you are not,
You are not standing.

Jixi Fox

Side Note: My music video Too Late was to arrive today, but guess what it’s late. lol.  I actually have to make the other video breathe first.  Sunday shall be the day. 🙂



Smart Pen 001

Smart Pen 001 (Photo credit: pennstatenews)

I am rusty with the pen,
But I know I got to write,
I got an appetite for words,
People want to digest them all,
So I got to write, write, write,
I want to get better,
Sometimes I will make some mistakes,
But the life I want to live,
That’s just a risk I must take,
I am fighting with the pen at night,
I am trying to create epic stories and tales,
If my words aint about anything,
My writing I must bail,
I need to escape these walls,
And the burden of not honing my skills will bear,
I need not to be rusty with this pen,
For my words with be left on deaf’s ears.

Then you will see my tears…

Itz Jixi.

Does practice really make perfect?

Jixi Fox -> Poet & Storyteller.

Being Different…Experimental

Jixi Fox - Red Vintage Fox

So today I am not doing my normal poetry releases, nope.  I am changing my blog format a bit.  I am kicking into gears a better and more targeted focus.  I want to entertain you, yes you the people more with the things I love to do.

I have been knocking my head against the wall, well maybe the table, well straight up scratching my head on the new direction I want to take and what makes me feel really awesome as an upgrade in which you will see very very soon.

I want dynamic,
I want humor,
I want music,
I want videos,
I want COLORS,
I want fun,

and all in all, I think you want that too.  I want to give everyone a unique and happy experience.  I want to know how you feel, and what you LOVE, and what you enjoy and share the experience.

So here I come, it’s time to work hard and have fun.

Itz Jixi…
Jixi Fox

Jixi Fox as 2 Chainz

Oh yea…If you actually read this post, and wanted a few lines of poetry, just because I feel guilty. 😦 Here you go:

I started out laughing, seeing all the people smiling,
Then I switching up my flow, people starting I was just wilding,
So I tallying up my friends, most them on one hand,
Then I locked my myself in the studio, expressed myself and came back out, happy, being the one man band….

I told the haters, later…BYE.

*Note: I don’t actually have haters though.  I think that’s ludicrous.



going nowhere fast

Where is my destination,
I have a map,
But where does it lead,
There is no selected point,
I plot a few points,
Or go everywhere.

I will.

Jixi Fox
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