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In life we need more wins.
So I found a few wins and inspiration to share with you.

Movies are my inspiration… I am a big movies fan. I love a great tv show as well. I can’t lie, I watch like every single streaming platform. Whether it’s Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Apple+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney, and a couple others, I watch it all.

Comment / Tell me:
(2) Shows/Movies that are your all time favorites & (2) Shows you are watching now?

retro vibes…neon
good times are not always promised, but a mess tends to always happen.
netflix and chill, or just chill and netflix. press play
popcorn and laughs, you got to love comedy
the night is right,
we chase our dreams, even in space & among stars.
sometimes the tv, watches you…

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I like to curate the vibes. 🙂

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netflix and chill meme comedy

She said to me,
What you doing?
I said nothing,
I am just chilling,
She then asks,
Do you want to Netflix and Chill,
I was already do nothing,
I figured why not,
Let do it,
It’s a date,
Got over there,
20 minutes later,
There was an eruption of something,
I was clueless before,
But now I am well aware,
For the movie she had no care,
Next thing I knew everything was tossed in the air,
I went in,
No turning back now,
Head on in without a fear.


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