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M is for MONEY


M is for Money,
Mmmm don’t it smell good?
From the upper office down to the hood,
I mean we need it,
So we fight for it,
We cry for it,
I write for it,
But it,
Is one bad mother shut my mouth,
Hold on, I got to speak the truth,
We die for money,
We lie for money,
We fight for money,
We cry cause we got no money,
But what is money?
A value, or a piece of paper?
What can we do to get money?
So we can buy or purchase with it?
Our talents and skills can get us money,
So why don’t we call our talent’s money,
The thoughts of skills are can get are us working to get money,
Until we have that talent or skill, then that is money,
I got money for writing,
I got money for poetry,
I got money for photography,
I got money for me being myself,
So as are reading this, I am spending and giving away money,
And that’s money,
Credit or Cash?
I want both.

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It’z Jixi

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The food for the champions, the best way to start the day.
Just wake up hop in the kitchen or get something on the way,
Eggs, bacon, bagels, coffee, pancakes, cereal, juice or some fruit,
It’s just choice eat right and start your day off in a good mood.


Jixi Fox
[The Creative Nemesis]
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They nickname me finesse,
Simply because I am the best,
No one can contest,
I keep things clean and fresh,
It’s because I got the eye for details,
Nothing missing my focus clear not feeble,
When the mission is impossible,
I paint the picture to the puzzle,
The mystery is uncovered,
My workflow is doubled,
Voices echoing his is a menace,
Yes the creative nemesis.


*I am Jixi Fox the “Creative Nemesis” also formally known as ‘The Finesser“…

Jixi Fox
[The Creative Nemesis]
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