So many post sitting waiting to pop their little heads out of my draft section. I can’t say I really paid attention much, but I may have be inspired to write something, got into it and never completed. I went in my WordPress draft section and found a few gems in there. I was like, “ummm I didn’t post this, and that one, I am pretty sure I shared this 2 years ago. [Checked my post 2 years ago], oh snap I never posted it. What in the world was I doing?”

Yup that was pretty much me today. So as the title clearly says, I have 166 Posts in draft mode. Maybe I have probably 95 solid posts that are done or almost do, but that’s still a high percentage of content.

As you would assume, I am going to have to post them. Not all at once, but I am always writing and to have that much on hold excluding things in my notebook, journal, phone and ipad, I got a lot on hold.

Go to you draft section, how many posts do you have in DRAFT currently?
Share in the comments below.

Photo by Lance Reis

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