M is for MONEY


M is for Money,
Mmmm don’t it smell good?
From the upper office down to the hood,
I mean we need it,
So we fight for it,
We cry for it,
I write for it,
But it,
Is one bad mother shut my mouth,
Hold on, I got to speak the truth,
We die for money,
We lie for money,
We fight for money,
We cry cause we got no money,
But what is money?
A value, or a piece of paper?
What can we do to get money?
So we can buy or purchase with it?
Our talents and skills can get us money,
So why don’t we call our talent’s money,
The thoughts of skills are can get are us working to get money,
Until we have that talent or skill, then that is money,
I got money for writing,
I got money for poetry,
I got money for photography,
I got money for me being myself,
So as are reading this, I am spending and giving away money,
And that’s money,
Credit or Cash?
I want both.

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Photo Credit: Google Images

It’z Jixi

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8 thoughts on “M is for MONEY

    1. Jixi Fox Post author

      Wow you gonna all the way back to my other series…My take on the ALHPABET…unfinished and shall be in an ebook form coming soon. I just had a thought to myself, if we called out a letter from the alphabet, what would be the first word that comes to mind, and write about there and then with whatever thoughts you may have or memories. The reason I did it too, is that everyone has a different word they might associate with the letter, or maybe even the same word but for a different reason. It’s brain child that sparked the “If I Were” series.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jixi Fox Post author

        I got a few more genius ideas…but I will wait until 2015 to release. I never know where my inspiration will come from next. But I do know one of the reasons I love your work, is that I would love to create a micro project with you and have you part of a cool project I been going on and off on, but know for sure 2015 will be the year for it’s release.

        Liked by 1 person

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