If you ever get to really know me, you would know I suck at planning for myself in advance for vacations. Okay, I had to write out that phrase like that to fix it up and clarify. I am an excellent planner, but I don’t feel satisfied and fulfilled planning vacations in advance. I just go when I want to go, no matter the cost. I do actually care about the cost, but the anticipation of waiting so long, not knowing how things will be then when the times comes, makes me not want to plan. It’s not a fear, but a bad habit I have come to continue. I want to change, and I will change.

Bingo. A original reflective thought just came to me as I am free writing this thought post. With my theory of myself on vacations, it seems to correlate with my and investing as a habit. If I had to do something short term, I do quickly and fast, but I yet to apply these great skills to investing and vacation planning.

So realizing this, upon also knowing I need to sign up for some coaching and therapy sessions, I want to deep dive into the why for myself.

This Friday has been eye opening for me, as some delicious sushi is awaiting my lips, and a new bottle of wine. So having a very successful week of execution on a few plans not all, I am treating myself to a good meal (unplanned), and creating an action to hold myself accountable to future change. So all in all I am feeling good.

I have a follow up to this post, as to what vacation I need to plan. Also an update on investment talks for others who may need some guidance with talking about money and future planning.

How is your friday night?

Photo by dominik hofbauer

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