As the day flows, and I am catching up on some reading and writing, it’s great to take in the Saturday chillness. I have been listening to a lot of podcast this week, and soon to be excited that a new book I bought should be arriving today.

It’s not like a fun book to read, but it’s fun for me. It’s a financial literacy book, as I try to keep up with my planning for the future and life.

What book are you reading currently?

Photo by Raphael Wild

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12 thoughts on “CHILL SATURDAY VIBES

  1. Stacy's Domain

    Book for a Book lol! But the book I am currently reading is called “Handbook to the Soul”. It is a great spiritual book and often helps give me a sense of perspective when things get stressful in life. What book has you currently excited?


  2. Anita

    Financial planning is what i am into too for the last year. Balancing mortgage/shares/superannuation. Saving money and trying to make money with a side hustle. Share some money tips!


    1. Jixi Fox Post author

      A side hustle, aka a sharpened skill is definitely an ideal method to grow wealth and add more assets to the long term plan. It’s great start early, if not, start now and get better is what I tell most people.



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