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I am big podcast person. I am also an tv shows watcher, so asking for shows I may not already seen, is what this post is about. I truly would love to use my social media platforms a bit more talking about exciting things, so shall be adding another post soon on my top 8 things I love to talk about and find cool people to talk about them with. #community 🙂

Anyways, this post is about PODCASTS, what you into or any favorites?

I watch everything I can’t lie. I watch anime, youtube, vlogs, mystery, horror, suspense, comedy, romantic, reality, sports and so much more. How do I have time? Ummmm time management. 🙂

I enjoy learning and exploring my mind and the world, so seeing more and learning more just opens my creativity and entertainment widely.

In the comments below…. Go wild and let me know!

Photo by Charles Chen

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