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Open up to more spaces within in. You can’t always please others. You are accountable for you. If you know how you feel, it’s okay if you are not having a great day. Finding a easy way to communicate is important to not stress you out on how to respond to others.

Some phrases I use are below:

Say a friend call or a family member calls, I easily identify how to speak and keep it shorts.

“Hi, before we carrying on the conversation. I just want to inform you that I am working on improving my mental health today. I don’t have much to add to a conversation today, but will gladly pick things up tomorrow or another day.”

“Hey, I am super drained currently, and I work taking some time to myself to collect my thoughts, I truly hope you understand. Can be pick up this conversation another day?”

“Hey before you say what’s wrong, I am physically fine, I am here and present. I just need some quiet time to organize myself. Work and everyday life has took a toll this week, I am going to take this weekend as a relaxation and reset.”

I know these may sound lengthy but you can adjust here and there. The biggest take away is taking the time you need, and not be afraid to share your feelings. You are putting your health first and it should be respected, as you would to someone else.


Photo by Anita Austvika

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