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They stay trying to dim your light. You have to fight to shine bright. Don’t allow others to disrespect or neglect. You are someone, you are somebody, you deserve a chance, so be the person who gives yourself that chance.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

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Always remember who you are, and what’s your purpose.
If not, you have some soul searching to do. Start your journey today.

*A Message From A Friend.


In life we need more wins. So I found a few wins and inspiration to share with you to keep you going, in the fight to find happiness…
Check them out below, in the form of signs

you are enough
i hate nothing about you
don’t give up. you are not alone. you matter.
you got this.
do what you love.
i miss you like the deserts miss the rain.
love is all you need.

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thank you.