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Don’t do it, X that is…

Itz Jixi

I Ain’t Going Nowhere

Calling me all day texting me all the time,
Wondering if you are always on my mind,
Wondering what I am doing and who I am screwing,
I’m locked on you, no traveling violation so  no moving.

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

If I Sell Drugs, I Will Be RICH right?

If I sell drugs, I want to be rich, just like the government,
Pills and caps of dosage I take, why not sell it and get paid,
I want to be a made man, So on the streets they call my name,
Will I be rich or I am talking that gibberish, shhh don’t tell the government.

– Jixi Fox

Dumb It Down

Upgrade your ears, update your bank of thoughts,
Let your mind expand, and throw caution to the wind,
Knowledge is the key, and with it doors open and you can win,
So don’t ask me to dumb it down, get on my level, before I put you down.

– Jixi Fox

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Caution Tape

Watch out, don’t go there, don’t sit there,
Play attention to the signs, to have a chance,
At a life so great if you make it, so protect and cherish,
A life with caution, live for today, live for tomorrow, to continue to live.

– Jixi Fox

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Up In Smokes

I masterminded a plot that never could of been stop,
All schemes and methods were precise from bottom to top,
Now everything is falling down and going up in smokes,
A once truly genius scheme is now just a mere coffee table joke. 
(Anyone wants latte?)

– jixi fox

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