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Run Tel Dat


Nemesis-1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Run and tell your friends that I am the man,
When I say the man, I mean the man with the plan,
When I talk all should listen and by the way stick out your wrist,
Let me borrow five dollars, I hit you back when I make it rich.

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

You’re So Lame

Slap slap, you deserve that for being so lame,
It pains me to see you acting insane,
So I return the favor in a harmful behavior,
Maybe you will now be real, and thank me as your savior.

– Jixi Fox

Everyday is Another Day to Be Cool [Blog-A-Day-May] #3

Nikon D50 double kit front

Image via Wikipedia

Everyday I wake up, my mission is to be cool.  I may not be cooler than you.  But who are you?  I just try to be cool for me.  I love being cool.  I like to be the dude, once you see him, you would be like damn, he is cool.  That’s the guy I want to be.  So what are things that I do to be cool?

Here are my cool factors:

1> Wearing Dark Shades – Whenever you see me on the go, I am sure to have on some cool shades.  They make me cool, plus once I take them off, I am still cool.  So some hot dark shades and an awesome jacket would make the look cool.

2> Working Out – Working out gets your body in shape so the ladies would be like, ummmm let me touch your strong arms, go crazy when they feel your nice chest and abs.

3> The Latest Gadget – Walking outside showing off your latest gadget whether a phone or a BIG HDSLR Camera around your neck is a big boss move.  It shows you are down with technology, about business, and got money.

Well those are the cool things I do each day.   What do you do to be cool?

itz jixi

I want to do something cool this year

Indoor Shooting Range at Sarasota, Florida, US...

Image via Wikipedia

I hate to be a bore and I try to entertain myself to the fullest as much as possible.  I am seeking something cool to do this year.  Nothing is popping up on my cool radar.  Of course it has to be something new and super fun, but what could it be though.  Living in New York comes with a lot of perks and options, some better than others, while some are just super lame and played out.  I wonder if anyone in the blog-o-sphere who might read this have an idea on something cool to do this year.  Let’s see if I can brainstorm a list of things I might find cool to do…

Here my quick off the top of the head list:

1. Go to shooting range and shoot a gun for the 1st time.
2. Test drive a Porsche, on the streets or even just in a parking lot.
3. Dress up like a ninja and perform a cool ninja move. (whatever that may be)
4. Meet Diddy, Ludacris, Linkin Park or Usher.  (You can’t beat that)

Well that was my quick list.  But the chances of those happening are very slim, except maybe the shooting range…well let’s see what might happen done the line of the year.

If you have any ideas, shoot me a comment and let me know, kindly, PLEASE 🙂

itz jixi