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ALBUM DONE!!! Call Jixi Fox a BAWSE [Blog-A-Day-May] #31



After a month of hard work and late nights and no sleep trying to figure out how to keep on doing my challenge [Blog-A-Day-May] and producing 3 singles off the album The Adventures of Auto Tune 2 and release weekly the 5 songs, I am done.  I just want to thank the world and mostly GOD for keeping me going and on point.

The 3rd single is available for listening and download at:  |



3rd Single My Bowl Of Soup – Jixi B

let me know what you think…

THANKS [Alice] for you support and encouragement to think I can do it.

The album is here.  Yes!!!

CHALLENGE COMPLETED: Jixi Fox has made a milestone for 2011… Blog-A-Day-May (31 days of a post a day.)

itz jixi



I am almost there…rawrrr [Blog-A-Day-May] #30

I get caught up in a lot of things to do and never got to finish the album in time.  I still have tonight, and tomorrow to drop this album…it’s time to go back to work.  I cannot fail. rawrrr lol.

Pray for my success.

itz jixi

Waiting until the last minute, Damn time flies! [Blog-A-Day-May] #29

Oh My God I haven’t finished the album yet. I so hope this don’t come to kick me in the ass. I am so going to have to finish it by 5/30 so I can prep them or all my sites and newly created ones. I feel good about the album and its development.

I am so excited to get this project done and move unto my next months project and then onto my debut actual hip hop album, but its very tough to let go of the fact that I want to move on but I have to complete this project on time. Its a very tough cookie.

Well let’s put this all on faith and see what happens.

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are interested for a listen of the new album. Thanks.

itz jixi