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Self-Love Letter Challenge! What Do You Love About You?

I dare you to show me how much you love yourself. Challenge!

Source: Self-Love Letter Challenge! What Do You Love About You?


I came out the whip like whoa,

My girl was like oh no,

I was like what the fudge you mean oh no,

She said, yo you poh ni$$a,

I was like no Ni$$a,

But her eyes widened,

So I took back what I said,

It  was a like Face off,

Because my paws went dead,

I said,

I could of put them paws on you,

She was “like nahhhhh”

You stupid,

I was like Cupid?

He shot me,

Why he did that,

Oh noooo,

She was because….

She took a break,

Like a kit kat,

I was like because what?

She took my heart, money, donkey and fled,

That means I got no acres,

She was darth,

Like vador…

Jixi Fox

G is for GOLD


G is for gold,
I love gold,
Bricks and bars,
Everyday on the grind to get it,
Even my iPhone is gold, I need a doctor, medic,
I don’t know, I am just sold,
It never gets old,
It’s money, it’s cash,
It makes us want to dance,
If we had racks of them in the bank,
Who’s the one should we really thank?
We rock them as chain, rings, and our wrist,
It exist because we value it,
Or because it has value so we are drawn to it,
Our rims be gold,
Our wrist be froze,
Ooops that’s ice,
That too is also nice,
But let’s get back to gold,
What’s in the mold,
That makes our eyes light up even though they are heavy,
Working 3 jobs and still can’t get it,
That’s what I am saying,
My mind is gold,
Riches I create,
To share to the world,
So what’s your fate?
Is it to get gold?

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Photo Credit:

It’z Jixi