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Waiting on Life to See


visions (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

Just waiting on life to catch up with me,
I have been gone a while but still I dream,
It’s time to smile and realize that the prize,
Is always in front of me, I just need my eyes to see.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis
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Fire Flies

over Kadena Air Base (DNA/RODN), Okinawa Prefe...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bright colors floating in air, on and off they go but they are still there,
I always wanted to catch one, so my eyes must stay open,
In a bottle would be their destination so I can store and hold them,
To light up my nights, and maybe my day, life as a child, without a care.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis
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It sucks when you are broke and cant get a job,
It sucks when you are over weight and cant shred them pounds,
It sucks when youvare trying to go up and people stay pulling you down,
It really sucks simply lack the efforts and courage and let these carry you down.

Jixi Fox
Creative Nemesis
@jixifox +jixifox

Up In Smokes

I masterminded a plot that never could of been stop,
All schemes and methods were precise from bottom to top,
Now everything is falling down and going up in smokes,
A once truly genius scheme is now just a mere coffee table joke. 
(Anyone wants latte?)

– jixi fox

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I Like Your Lips | @jixifox

From the corner of my eyes I saw the sweetest smile,
From a face with lush lips, the best I have seen in a while,
With sparkling eyes thus drew me in, feet after feet, inch after inch,
If only I could have tasted the lips I liked, my thirst would have been truly quenched.
(I like your lips)

– Jixi Fox


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Memories of My Past Flame…Still Burning!

The Future of What

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‎”Memories of My Past Flame…reflect, remembrance, restraint, resistance, release…we try to go forward from the past, but end up going nowhere in the future…”

We all want to go back but sometimes we need to let go of the past and think the new future, the brand new you, the new possibilities of how you can grow, instead of fall over the past fails, or discomfort trying to make it wonderful again.

It’s Jixi

*note: just a quote to life and new beginnings…

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