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Let’s face off and be bad ass,
Cause havoc and laugh laugh,
I got money so I am so math,
I am a rebel, feel my wrath,

I bust in door and wake up folks,
I love it white yes, no yellow that yolk,
Kanye west is a genius and I am a beast,
I run this mess, game on lock, north east.


Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

VMAs – Justin Timblerlake, Kanye West, Robin Thicke

VMAs – Justin Timblerlake, Kanye West, Robin Thicke

Timberlake performing at St. Paul, Minnesota, ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No  more blurred lines I am about to go BLACK,
Watch Miley Cyrus twerking and I don’t know how to act,
I am going to sing like Drake and start from the bottom,
Justin Timberlake brought out Nsync killed his performance, he is a problem,

Kanye mad minimal but damn it he is a GENIUS,
Only little kids voted, everyone else is in their seniors,
One direction won best music video for Best Song Ever,
Live Tweeted the VMAs oh my GOD the show was nice, I’m clever.

Bonus bars…

Bruno Mars is back dropping that heat,
Rihanna felt a way when Drake took the stage, sweet,
Kevin hart cracked jokes, he be saying the craziest thangs,
Twitter is going to be on FIRE all day tomorrow morning.

Oh yea Lady Gaga in a thong tho, kicking down doors,
Katy Perry going in and make the fans go ROAR….

Question: Did you watch the MTV VMAs?

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis
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Fire Flies

over Kadena Air Base (DNA/RODN), Okinawa Prefe...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bright colors floating in air, on and off they go but they are still there,
I always wanted to catch one, so my eyes must stay open,
In a bottle would be their destination so I can store and hold them,
To light up my nights, and maybe my day, life as a child, without a care.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis
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