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Sunday I Missed You

Where You Want to Be

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Hello there Sunday, you are my favorite day of the week, did you know that?  Well if you didn’t know, now you know.  This past Sunday (jan. 9, 2011) I had forget to post a blog on that day.  I have to apologize for that because I love to post on a Sunday and that day is the day I will be releasing my series on YouTube, titled “Behind The Scenes with Jixi”.  This will be a show in which I take my audience behind the scenes in the production of my album and the things I use or go through to create my music album and comedy performances.  I think this is an awesome idea, what do you think?  Either way, if you really wanted to know why I really didn’t get to post my blog on Sunday, I fell asleep simply.  I knew I had to do it and procastinated and got tired and then poof, bedtime.  I doubt that will be happening again, but it takes a lot work and focus to create an music album and produce weekly web videos consistently in which “Behind The Scenes with Jixi” will show you.

I hope everyone SUBSCRIBE to my BLOG and my YouTube for the series release which is coming up very soon. Trust me you will enjoy.  If you are a music artist or aspiring music artist, this a great way to interact with me and also get the opportunity to share your music if we have similar works.

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Thank  You
itz jixi

[Making The Album: Behind The Scenes] – Defeating Writer’s Block

Clear (Bomb the Bass album)

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Hey Music Lovers,

I have been writing quite few new works lately, some spoken word, poetry, hip hop and even R&B.  I have been really trying to connect back into the world of music as an artist, than just a passionate fan of others.  I guess we can say I been having a mean case of “writers block“.  I wasn’t allowing myself the freedom to express myself and love for my music and content, as taking things in and not letting things out.  Well I am game for a change, I am dropping a new music starting Monday, (Nov. 1, 2010). No more procrastinating, and selfishness to take in content and not entertaining the people of the world.


Signing out,
itz jixi


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