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Rip the cord out,

So they can’t hear you,

So in control,

They fear you,

Flex on em,

Light work,

Put them to sleep,

Pipe work,

I got the juice,

I bet you thirsty,

I got out of work early,

Happy hour, feeling flirty,

2:30 and alive and dancing,

Feeling the vibes, passion,

Trying to go out tonight,

The urge I cannot fight,

So let me out the box,

Or I am beating my way out,

About to hit di road,

About to paint the town…


Drake - hotline bling meme funny music video

You use to call me on my cell phone,
When you really need my help,
You use to call me on my cell phone,
When I was trying to reach my belt,
Because when you about to get that ass whooping,
That only means one thing,
That you you you,
Started going out more,
Leaving your dishes on the damn floor,
Not being part of the team making me stress more,
But there is something that you should know,
I am going to start stepping my game up,
Go around the world and get my name up,
I am charged up and soon get my fame up,
You going to be on your own and be a lame duck,
You going to use to call me on my cell phone,
You ain’t going to ever receive my help.


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drake - best music 2015 photos news rumors hip-hop

Who’s whip you posing with,
This is how I talk to my opponents,
I shut em down when they trying to open up,
No beginnings only the end when I blow them up,
I got the world-wide web on lock,
Infecting mobile devices and laptops,
If you haven’t heard of me,
I am the virus that slipped in undetected,
I stay with the same team no defecting,
I rep hard for that’s what GODS do,
You showed up late to the game,
It’s way pass your curfew,
I dripped ice that frozen,
When they speak of me there is always a commotion,
Just my words alone get your girl open,
She named her toy after me mandingo magnum,
No trojans,
It ain’t even fair if I am playing,
I am the nemesis,
I rival anyone,
Stop complaining,

Jixi Fox


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