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0 to 100 – DRAKE


0 to 100 drake

I was sitting in marvin’s room pacing back and forth,
I wanted to exit through the staircase and straight out the door,
I needed the fans to see me and be around world on tour,
So I put the pen to this pad went mad and push the pedal to the floor,
I went 0 to 100 in a hot second,
I got an arsenal of lyrics they are my weapon,
I ducked all the shady lames who came outside with their fake hi’s,
I chucked the deuces in the air and told those haters bye…

They never going to see me and again better yet even catch up,
I am styling on these fools they money low c’mon put your bet up,
I am the nemesis and I rival all incoming competition,
It’s now or never, it’s never impossible I will accept that mission.

It’z Jixi






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