Do You Have a Memory That’s Linked To a Smell?

Wow, I had an extreme answer for this. I was like what’s that smell, and what do I remember? Cotton Candy, that is the smile. I love it, so much in my car is smells just like it. Also my car smells like bubblegum. Those are my two go to scents in my car. People are always shocked and interesting in the smell.

For me that smell brings me back to when I was a child and was in love with going to amusement parks. The cotton candy meant I have arrived, it’s fun time, it’s sticky face time, it’s time for mom to be like don’t let your ticket rotten off time, and just a bunch of fun memories that’s about to happen.

So when I drive, not only I want a nice fragrance or scent in my car to drive. It feels each time I head out to work or a road trip, I am going on an adventure to the amusement park. Now the only thing left to do it see if I can convert my workplace into an amusement park.

If anyone has an ideas to make it happen, please share. 🙂

Photo by Yarden

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