What Fear Have You Conquered?

I never dare to be such a rule breaker and disruptor. I was always fearful of how I would seem to others. If it was pleasing the words and ideas I used and believed it. I was shy, I was to myself, I was almost waiting for approval to make an action. Until the day I broke the system. I can’t recall what day or time it was. I can’t pinpoint the year, but I feel it was the age 13. I made it my mission to break all norms. I wanted to be fearless, I wanted to be original and push the cards every bit I can.

What the world told you to do, “society” I wanted the opposite. All the boxes they told you must fill, I didn’t care for the boxes at all, I colored outside the box. I conquered the fear of being me. The person I was meant to be. The rebel, the nemesis to normal, but the front runner for personality and natural occurrences.

I felt I have done this in a way, people appreciated me for being that person. I became the beacon of what is possible when you stop listening to others and start listening to yourself. That is me today.

Photo by Marcko Duarte

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