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What was your dream job as a child?

And there were two, two dream jobs as a child I wanted to be, soccer player and pilot. Just which one won? Well both didn’t happen. I guess in life we pivot to new things. I wanted to be a soccer player so bad, but I just didn’t have the backing or knew the route. I wanted to be a pilot, that was the ultimate, but never had the resources and support, then was discourage after I lost having amazing 20/so sight.

So what do I do after that. I learn and committed to my life to playing video games and following the interests. I know a lot about planes and played a great games in the field. I also played every fifa soccer game that existed. I also watch the european soccer and world cup. So life aint that bad from my dream job.

I have the new modified dream job I am currently working on. I love who I am today and my profession. I am growing and adapting. I am into management, lifestyle and tech. So my range of knowledge is off the meter.

For all who haven’t found your dream job, keep dreaming and living. If you get closer to your purpose you may be another chance. Never give up.

Photo by Kora Xian

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