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If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

Money money money!!!! Oh lord my gosh 1 billion dollars. Okay let’s call it a billie, not billy like the goat, for in my area and town I would be the goat if I had a billion dollars.

Okay my answer is so relatively simple. How can I spend a bill in 10 steps or less.

  1. Buy a few houses and properties. – ehhhh 30 million.
  2. Hire all the right professionals to help keep the money I plan to keep and tax write off the ones I am fitting to give away. – ehhhh 3 million.
  3. Donate to important charities and organization who may need help. – 50 million.
  4. Pay off all my friends debts, cars, and houses. Say I have 15 close friends. You are welcome. ehhhh 20 million.
  5. Same thing goes for 15 chosen family members, so family tends to be big. ehhh 30 million.
  6. Invest tons of money…ehhh 500 million. (the interest on the money funds, the expenses of everything that can go wrong.
  7. Buy Dream Car and House. – ehhhhh 1 million.
  8. Travel and do a bunch of stuff, and investing in people, laugh lot, create a foundation, whatever foolishness left. ehhhh with the leftover of the millions I didn’t count.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato

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