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Who is your favorite author and why?

To be or not to be, that is the question. I have enjoyed many books growing up, of course they were children books, and kids tend to like cool children books as you grow. A spotlight favorite, I can’t say for sure if he is my favorite, but Dr Seuss. This was the first collection of books I think I bought. I loved the rhymes and simplicity of the books and the covers and stories. I was really refreshing to me. Though in currently news, 6 of his books are being discontinued, based on hurtful theme and content. When I think back I don’t remember reading any of these books. The books like, The Cat in The Hat and Green Eggs and Ham (my favorite) were my go too.

My favorite author is none other than William Shakespeare. I love the style, I love the poetry, I love the writings, some of the best works I read. This is the second collection of books I have ever bought. I remembered being in high school in humanities class (english) and reading Romeo and Juliet for the first time. It was suppose interesting and the meanings and breakdown the entire book. I realized his style was just off the roof. I afterwards read other works and fell more in love his his books. Macbeth, Hamlet and my favorite Julius Caesar took it to new heights as I deem those classics for myself for when I need some inspiration and flow of how I which to create.

I can’t say I was very fond of reading and author’s catalogs until Shakespeare. I use to really hate english, it being just my worst subject in school. But it was shakespeare that made my love for performance arts, comedy, suspense, and more grew, and pushed me forward to be a writer in my own way and be fearlessly myself. I can’t say my blog would not exist partly without his works being apart of my life.

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