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How Do You Define Success?

Success for me is happiness.

Success is mine to define. I am fine as long as I do lose my mind. I be trying, I fail sometimes. I would lying if I say I am not okay sometimes. I am define the moves I make. I could make change. But I really don’t want to live a life in denial, for that a crime. So I am do want I can to get what’s mine, making every moment count as I figure out how to me one of a kind.

Success for me happens in the macro and micro. I love the small dreams and big dreams. I enjoy the small wins and the big wins. For me right now as it has been for many years now, happiness is the key. No matter the money if I am truly happy, that is the winner for me. I can stay success is the car, the house, the yard, and more, and of course I want all of that, but the state of happiness and freedom is not a luxury you get with having that. Mo money, Mo problems has always been around. But to really be happy with anything or nothing, wow, who has that.

So ha ha, the real answer. lol.

Of course that was the real answer, come on.

Successful looks like this for me.

  1. Good career, making okay money.
  2. Meeting the love of my life.
  3. Investing and spending while living life.
  4. Travels and food.
  5. Enjoy all the amazing tv shows of now and tomorrow.
  6. Having a successful business with the decent money help others live their best lives.
  7. Releasing a music and book project every single year for the rest of my life. (Love it or hate it).

I can say simply those are the success if you want to put a name on things. And with those come other benefits. Head back my vision board to get my life in line for more and more happiness.

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