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What Language do you Wish you Could Speak?

This is a perfect question. A language I wish I could speak is French. It’s always been my number one and I can’t believe I haven’t pushed myself harder to achieve it. I hate the fact that I can write about it, speak about it, but not work on making it a part of me.

Well call me a procrastinator then, I keep on putting it off. I believe to experience more of the life I want I try to do less so I can fit in what I really want to matter in my life and be more fulfilled. French is not the only language, I do have a set of about 6 languages I would love to speak. Here they are:







Of course my main is english. I feel I want be incredible with these language. The main reason for French was it’s the language of love. I am such a romantic I felt I had to have that with me. 🙂

Photo by Nosiuol

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