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Describe The Happiest Day Of Your Life

Well well well, shoot. What came I say, I haven’t really pinpoint such a day. Each day i enter the world with positivity and love. Each day I am happy to be alive and well, and I treat my life so dearly.

I guess I can mention happiest moments in my life, as my mind can recall.

I remember buying my mom a bunch of gifts from a travel trip and she loving it. Being able to make my mom happy is a super happy moment in my life.

Purchasing my first car, and going holy sh*t, where am I going to park the car was a super happy moment. I knew nothing about owning a car.

Going to the ER after an incident and them saying, hey I think we might have to cut off your hand and remembering you love your hand very much, and them saying nah you are good, you can keep your hand, you just going to have 8 stitches. Well c’mon very happy moment.

Ummm last one, in which I don’t mention a lot, paying bills on time or paying something off, omg. Happy moment.

Lastly seeing. an amazing sunset and nice drink, and saying to myself, damn you did good. That’s a moment I can’t forget, oh yea and it was my birthday. Amazing.

Photo by Santtu Perkiö

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