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How are you brave?

Another post of bloganuary. 🙂

Bravery is such a amazing trait. Sometimes it takes time to develop it or be able to present it in some form. For me how I am brave I take on all the worse tasks people hate. I do not fear failure. I don’t worry what others have to say. I will be the one to smack the bee away if you are afraid.

I am the one who will speak up to the bully for others. I am the one that show one and be present when other don’t show up their friends or family.

I am will to take the risk and backlash. Confidence and security in self is vital.

My last bravery I experienced in my life was set to performing stand up comedy as a shy person in front of a crowd of 90 strangers. Someone put me on the spot because they thought I was funny, and I able to muster up the guts and courage to try, and was able even very rocky, I still overcame.

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