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What is your preferred mode of travel?

Plane, Trains and Automobiles.
Don’t forget about the boat,
So legendary I am the goat,
So slippery they call me soap,
I ship myself to islands,
So I am travelled,
Below my feet is water,
I mean ice, okay sort of…

I prefer driving so I can hit the coast,
Or take the scenic way taking buses I hope,
Lucky me I didn’t forget my ticket,
If not there is no entry not so dope,
I go chu chu,
Training myself for new cultures,
New tastes and new meals,
What I bring back may be epic,
I definitely thought it was a steal,
I am in promo state,
When I see face,
Everything I gaze,
Don’t worry how I got here,
Get out my face.

Photo by Dyaa Eldin Moustafa

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