I have had a big problem writing lately.  I am not sure, or can’t unlock the setting in my core to push out these ideas and concepts locked in my mind.  Have you been that way lately?  There is a lot of distractions that has consumed me, career growth, and life changes.  It’s been a big challenge for me this year.  But once in a while, I can pull off these gem pieces.  But I won’t give up, I am coming for what I once had and aiming for better.

As a writer, what have your change around or inspiration to continue come from?

Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox

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  1. nshami14

    Yes, keep coming for what you once had. The world needs your voice and I miss it. Re: inspiration. For me, it’s either there or I make it up and run with it. Just finding the time in a chaotic, demanding world to sit still and massage it into something. I don’t know if this speaks to you, but this past weekend, I took the rare opportunity to laze around the house. I journaled on things I am still curious about. Sometimes it was just one word — a person, place or thing. Sometimes it was a paragraph. I finished half a journal and it sparked a lot of little projects that I will get to. Also, the thing could be that maybe you just needed a break, right? Peace.

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    1. Jixi Fox Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment… So appreciate it. I think we could work on something together, let me stop… WE SHOULD WORK ON SOMETHING TOGETHER. It don’t have to be big, I do have it already written out if interested… But I totally agree, LIFE IS A DISTRACTION these days, I do have my LAZY DAYS…But I wasn’t usually like so. After writing on this blog for 8 yrs… for 5-6 of said yrs I wrote EVERYDAY new content. I feel a bit dry on words, I got to read more and learn new words. lol…

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      1. nshami14

        Every day for 6 years!!! Yeah, you needed the break, but now for the come back . Up for a collab. Open to ideas and most of my projects are solo ops, but maybe we could do a micro poetry/essay collab. I like the form I see every now and then where one person writes a few lines and then another….just following each others beat. What would you call that? Flash writing? LOL. Anyway, hit me up and maybe we can do a series on “Coming for What You Once Had”

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      2. Jixi Fox Post author

        I would sure like to take you up on that… it’s like flash writing. But I call my collabs I want to do “Duets” I like that. We pick a topic and theme and we both put in creative titles for poems and go for it and see how we both interpreted the titles.


      3. Jixi Fox Post author

        “Coming For What You Once Had” is a pretty good title. Yea the project with be like micro poetry, it makes it easy to digest and also not strain our minds too much…We have too much of those with the news each week


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