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All I ask of you,
Is to be you,
Be as beautifully,
As you could,
For I want to open up,
See you enter through,
My doors,
I choose,
Creating moments,
We will never forget,
Dispose of moments,
That we will always regret,
It’s true,
It’s you,
That changed me,
Giving me the ability,
To not run or flee,
But to me,
Around you,
Making us,
Is all I ask.

Photo by Richard Balog

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Music is my energy source

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When I am ready to leave the house or ready to go somewhere and need a boost in mood, I turn to music for the exact energy.  I have a few anytime I play these songs and spit the verses I am hyped and ready for anything.  It’s funny because most the the songs come from cocky rappers, well the songs themselves are quite cocky in a certain sense.  Here are some of my hype songs once I turn them on and just loose myself in the music just gets my hype.

Fabolous – A Millie Freestyle
* this a perfect song for me to listen when leaving out to work, because his references is all getting money.

Jay-Z – Dig A Hole
* this song is just got the haters and ready to put the punishment on your nemesis.

Others are:

Ludacris – Get Back
Red Cafe – Dolla Bill
Kanye West – Champion
Bugatti Boyz (Diddy and Ross) – Another One
Lil Wayne f. Cory Gunz – 6 ft 7
J. Cole – Grown Simba

Do you have any songs once you put it on, motivates you to just work hard and be ready for the world?

Thanks for ready,
of course you already know
itz jixi