The Faces I Wear


Deep inside I am more,
I have many emotions I explore,
But how many people know me?
The list is shorter 4 fingers on 1 hand,
It’s hard to say even if that’s real,
Or it’s just a fake fan,
So everyday I wake,
I switch faces,
To suit my day,
And all those random cases,
In life we face,
There is no common base,
But to ready to change,

Instagram: @jixifox
Twitter: @jixifox

2 thoughts on “The Faces I Wear

  1. TamrahJo

    Never met you in person, can’t claim to ‘know you’ but when you speak from the heart – mine answers – and this post struck a chord – and reminding you of the quote from Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and we the players” – and I may have paraphrased it to suit my own needs – BUT – there’s a difference between growing, learning, adjusting and wearing different masks to get along and go along to survive – if you know your inner core priorities (and I think, from your writing, you are always exploring and doing so) – well – you have your priorities – some few ones that are just inviolate and will always be the same – everything else is either a mask to wear while you adjust your path as you learn more – or a mask to protect you when you aren’t certain and not quite, yet, ready to announce, “This is who I am – take/leave it” for any number of various reasons – sometimes, people wear masques to cope, to buy time, to make life easy when they’ve taken so many hits, they just can’t bear the thought of stirrin’ up another battle to fight – but I love, LOVE, the last 4 lines of this and hope, soon, others see the same thing I do when I read your work (not all of it – some things – you’ve grown or know areas I’m not familiar with or am ready to traverse – but you do make a difference – and I can always come back when I learn more and think, “Wow! NOW I understand what Jixi was trying to tell/share with me….” To me, that’s the beauty (and sometimes frustration..) of it all – when you’re the one putting yourself ‘out there’…. 🙂

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