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Hi everyone, it’s an exciting new month November is here. I am so excited, there is so much about to happen and many things I am experimenting. After coming back from a long time of writing, it’s refreshing to still want to be in this space. The blogging community is an amazing place to meet me people, learn and share thoughts and passions.

So again, Happy November to all. Oh yea, it’s #NaNoWriMo. Well I am not writing a novel, but I figure I shall jump in the festivities with some good ol’ original content.

Some fun cool articles are coming this week.

Photo by Julian

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Christmas Jesus Swag

larval baby jesus

larval baby jesus (Photo credit: Dane Larsen)

I show up to the event my lights are all bright,
Sipping on that holy water and swag is on tight,
I am ripping christmas carols in the booth all day and all night,
On the seventh day I rest, it’s also my birthday and things are alright.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis
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