I am ME, Me is HE, That Can BE, Who is HE, HE is ME.

I am ME, Me is HE, That Can BE, Who is HE, HE is ME.
by: Jixi Fox

Let’s get the uzi, the mack, the mp5 and the automatics, I am going in full blazing, Left shots to take out the lames, Right shots taking out the ones I had aimed, I am truly a force that should be stopped, but why should I be, I am all that they got, the call me the Beast, a weird guy none or the least, when ever i say smile people show me cheese, I fit no stereotypes I am unique as can be, but it’s always debate who really is he, I am Jixi mr. conversationalist traditional well manner mo fudger, I take baths, i tidy up nice and i love to take showers, Money reject my pockets they said they need to be invested, When i just be chilling I think my money is really Interesting, Mass Communications its a definite honor that i am still right here, I am gonna stomp with my LA light in the dark becuz there is Nothing I fear. I can’t be afraid to be ME, because who is me, I am me who is he, HE is ME.

By: Jixi Fox