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Jixi chillin with the crew as we do..we did city island, then op city, then we in new roc city. We doing a sunday tour. Get money and get fun.

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Murder Yes or Murder No? for LOVE or FOR A LOVE ONE if ASKED…

Murder Yes or Murder No? for LOVE or FOR A LOVE ONE if ASKED…

If someone you loved asked you yo commit a murder for them…Would you do it?

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Murder Yes or Murder No?

Hmmmm let’s clarify one thing before I start, the person who chose this question phrased the question very wrong for me to answer.  I restate it as this, Would you kill (extremely harm) someone is someone you loved to death asked or demanded you to?  I think that is little better edit of the question.  Because first of all if someone asked me to murder someone, I would kindly say no thank you.  Hey they simply just asked right.  Maybe vary my answer to sound like this,

“Any Love One: JABRONI”: “Yo Fox, Man, I need you to murder someone for me?

Jixi Fox:  “What the &%$#*? Are you FUDGING CRAZY….

“Any Love One: JABRONI”: “But Fox, you love each other dearly. Why can’t you do this for me, don’t you love me and care for me to do something as important as this for me”

Jixi Fox:  “Is you crazy, you must be thinking fudging LOSO.  Me murder someone? Jabroni look, I will murder a chicken especially some fried chicken, hold up, JERK CHICKEN, but never someone.  Don’t you know that’s jail time or me getting killed fudging around doing some shiz like that, I value my life homes…

“Any Love One: JABRONI”: “But, I would do it for you….You don’t really love me enough then….”

There end the dialog.  I believe there is too many killings going on in this world already for me to go murder much less kill someone.  I am a man of GOD, and thou shall not kill still has rank to me ever since i learned the 10 Commandments.  Next to that, the jail time to the punishment of death sentence is now a kool thing.  Let someone ask me that shit, and see if  I dont slap them and fudge tell them to go pray for such request to go away.  I believe GOD will handle it his way he decided or justice will come through for people who does wrong.

Now people would justifiy the question what if it was your moms, sister, brother, girlfriend, wife or so on.  Let’s get it clear again, GOD is a powerful man, there nothing he can’t do.  C’mon he is the original G, the first G in this world.  Everyone heard of him, even if they don’t like him.  G = GOD, c’mon I aint trying to answer to him about some killing business.

Now there is now an exception that don’t qualify, but could.  Not if I am chillin in Manhattan with my peeps and loves one (family and close friends) and some dude, girl, goonie decided he want to pop shots at me and me peeps and cap one of more of them, and they bout to die, and he held the gun towards me and started to shoot at me hit me, minor wound or not that crazy, and i threw a brick or a big stone and hit the gun or one of his gun out his hand and had it in my hand and he REALLY REALLY trying to take me LIFE,  Oh boy, I know at that point it aint my time to GO, and my moms, or close family or close peep is down and this goonie guy is running off, and my then my close fam or peep says, Go Get That Boy guy, Oh course I will be in the zone on some MOVIE MODE SHIZ from MAX PAYNE, MATRIX, SHOOT EM UP, or some video game ish  KILL ZONE, HALO, RESIDENT EVIL SHIZ,  I will be hunting this goonie down, first trying out out his LEGS or ARMS on some SOLDIER of FORTUNE, BLOW IT OFF ish, if not, bloody cuz i might have got hit and dont have too long left, some SIN CITY, DIE HARD shiz, (and you know BRUCE WILLIS GO HARD, I am TAKING HIM OUT as if I was a Stoic, for i will not be affected or built on any emotions of pleasure or pain cuz I would be going straight Gangsta, Tenchu, Commando on this goonie.  Worse let him or her, or some sort of goonie running around my neighborhood or pelham bay near the forest or trees, I will have to have my sword and straight Rikimaru his ASS. LOL Oh Yea.  Just call me a NINJA.

Other from that, murder/killing someone, OH HELL NAH…

Word of the Last Week: Stoic

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What Would You Do If You About To Get Locked Up?

What Would You Do If You were accused of a crime that you didn’t commit and were about to be imprisoned?

What Would You Do If You About To Get Locked Up?

Jixi Fox’s Mind Set of Doing Time

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First and foremost everyone has the potential of being imprisoned, let’s just get that clear. You can be minding you own business on the street and someone can say you fit the description of a criminal or were allegedly in a place where you were not.

When it comes to me and how I live, making sure things has some footsteps or traces that I was there is what I do best. You may say I am either extremely cautious or paranoid, but until the day I die I am always going to have an unambiguous awareness of my surroundings.

Everything you do make sure you have some footsteps of how you got there, unless it was criminal then I don’t think you would want to incriminate yourself. But having footsteps secures you having some evidence to prove your innocence in some way or form. Always remembering where you came from or been through will help you be stronger and better.

If I was to be imprisoned for something I didn’t do, I would fight for the true. As a black person and individual, many in the past history have went through this same thought process, one day we will be free. Whether it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela never compromise to false testimony, unless you can’t handle or own up to your decision in which you make. My perception of strong will people is amazing, I feel for them. For if you believe in something strongly you will stand up for it especially if you have to live with it for all your life or it’s life or death. I would ensure into who ever that believes in me to stand with me that I am innocent and I will fight for the crime I am being accused of and prepare my mindset for failure if so.

Last Weeks Word: Unambiguous and Perception

Word of the Week: Substance

Song of the Week: Footsteps by: Tok

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