Jixi Fox Poetry 1 – Round One

Jixi Fox Poetry 1

Round One

By: Jixi Fox

A swing and a miss,

I come in closer,

Aiming with percussion,

Another swing and a miss,

Why I am missing my target?

Stop freaking moving, STOP!!!!

I am just trying to knock your head off that’s all,

Stop trying to duck the pain that I am trying to deliver,

Stand up and take it like a man,

Man up, Man the hell up!!!

I am not here to be dancing around this ring with you,

I want to take your head off with a mean right hook,

Something you can see coming directly at you but can’t avoid,

Ok, keep on ducking and weaving, I am going to get you sucka,

Wait your round two and you will see.

© Copyrighted 2009 Jixi Fox™



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