Its so nice to know I am ready…

jixi fox mission
jixi fox mission

Its so nice to know that there is a mission for me out there to get into and complete. Its not very normal, or I have been a such a vast mission, for it took some many years of trying to reach and accept a mission like this and now that I have it, what shall I do with it?

I could only say, I will do my best and give me all, for if I can unlock the riches of this mission, there shall definitely be other missions for me to be on. And best of all, if I can gain success by myself, then surely there will be a co op mode in my other missions. I bid good luck to everyone who’s on a mission and hope to travel careful and wisely and reap your rewards.

Do you have a mission you are setting on?

-Its Jixi


True Blood Season 3 Review June 13, 2010

true blood
true blood

True Blood, Season 3 Review June 13, 2010

About this episode:

This episode is so cool, and I liked Tara’s reactions at the beginning and I guess things are turning very wild to be like Buffy and Twilight mixed together with random and crazy vampire vs werewolf…

Episode Quotables…

Tara Thornton: “Trash is what trash does…”
Tara Thornton: “Dyed hair bitch…”
Lafayette : “Bitch you and me bridge will never *&%$#@! happen.”

Season Three: True Blood (season 3)

The third season of True Blood will premiere on June 13, 2010, simultaneously on HBO and HBO Canada, and will contain 12 episodes, bringing the series total to 36. It will loosely follow the plot of the third novel of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Club Dead.

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Jixi Fox Presents The Adventure of Auto Tune, is Available for Download

Jixi Fox Presents
The Adventures of Auto Tune
By: Jixi B.

Take a listen…
A SiDe: Auto Tune makes me sing
B SiDe: I Can Auto Tune Rap Too

DownLoad now at:

– Its Jixi


Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures Of Auto Tune (official release)


The Adventures of Auto Tune
The Adventures of Auto Tune

Jixi Fox
The Adventures Of Auto Tune
by: Jixi B.

Track Listing:
1.- Jixi – Are Your Ready For Some Auto Tune
2.- Jixi – Imma Be With You
3.- Jixi – Lend Me Some Money – Skit
4.- Jixi – When I Met Her In The Club
5.- Jixi – Let Me Show You
6.- Jixi – On To The Next One – Skit
7.- Jixi – There Is No Fearing Me
8.- Jixi – I’m A Problem
9.- Jixi – When You See Me Fly
10.- Jixi – Headphones Outro
11.- Jixi – BONUS – 2010 Club Pickup Line
12.- Jixi – BONUS – I’m A Problem alt
13.- Jixi – BONUS – When I Met Her In The Club alt
14.- Jixi – BONUS – There Is No Fearing Me alt / / / / /

Release Date: 6.6.2010 (Sunday June 6, 2010)

How “The Adventure of Auto Tune” came about…
While going through my creative mind state working on my debut hip hop album “The Burna Effect” and also my mixtape “MaSSive Ephect”, I felt like experimenting and letting out some fun ideas that were coming to mind. I had just purchased a “8 GB IPod Touch” in 2010, and downloaded a million FREE Apps, being cheap and stuff, then I saw the “I AM TPAIN” App and figured, though I “HATE” rappers on AUTO TUNE, I felt since I love the creativity T-Pain brings and fun, and him being one of my Top 10 favorite Hip Hop music artist, I should purchase the App to support him, and see how I sound on AUTOTUNE. So after a quick test, with some very cheap Blackberry 8900 headphones I had purchased via, which had a mic, I was on my way to unleashing my creativity at random periods of time, in one take or whatever came out came out state of mind under the influence of AUTOTUNE. I felt that AUTOTUNE makes me sound like I can sing, so I went to work with that idea. After my 1st short song, I figured, if I paid $3 for the APP, I might as well make a creative project out of it and share it with the world, and there came My Adventure Of Auto Tune. Oh yea, I figure why not rap too, shoot, T-Pain does it, well he is actually a really great artist without the AUTOTUNE to me, it’s all about talent and making great songs, creating a mood and feeling and getting people to LOVE IT. I hope you enjoy my creativity.


The Adventures of Auto Tune
The Adventures of Auto Tune



The 2010 Summer Line Up is Ready

Well it has been decided and comfirmed with the higher management that June is the new launch date of our productions and legacy to multimedia and entertainment. I am so happy to announce such great news and cannot wait for how the world will accept Jixi Fox Media and our innovative and quality productions.

Be on the lookout for such productions as:

Methods to Mayhem
Universal Auditions

We are so delighted to interact with other creative minds and help produce many worthy projects in the near future.

Thank You.

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