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Past Love

I can’t meet you there, so you will be alone,
I wish their was two of me, just a clone,
We are no longer the same, we have grown apart,
But you still so close to me, very close to my heart.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

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The Rude Wake Up Call

Rude People
Rude People (Photo credit: BunnyMonsieur)


Ring Ring, Knock Knock, let me in, wake your ass up,
Who that trying to creep into my ears, I am sleeping, back to sleep, pillow face plunge,
It’s me, I need you to do me a favor, lend me five dollars, some brown sugar, be my damn taxi,
What? You crazy, good-bye, die, leave me alone rude ass lame, I screamed…GOSH!


Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis


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Spoken Word Hipster: Young and Reckless


Spoken Word Rasta Jixi Fox
Spoken Word Rasta Jixi Fox

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It’s Jixi

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

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On My Own

Grappling my way to the top, I swear to never flop,
My head stands still steady up, and shall never drop,
I am proud and resourceful, I mends my wounds quick,
I am here, the time is now, I am now, now then.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

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Attack Of The Clones

Droideka in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of th...
Droideka in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am flying through space shooting at the stars,
I be killing them with rhymes more than 16 bars,
I have an army of clones and we are fitting to attack,
There is so many of me, I have my own back.  (CLONES ATTACK)

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis


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Trapped In My Cubicle

My Currency Trading Kitty
My Currency Trading Kitty (Photo credit: The Adventures of Kristin & Adam)

Sitting at my desk, all my papers are in a mess,
My life is in distress but still my boss I must impress,
I am trapped in my cubicle, Jennifer is next to me does have a booty though,
I can’t escape this place my head is numb, hands cuffed, nowhere to go.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

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Dirty World, Mean Thoughts, The End

English: "The whole world smiles with you...

Living in this dirty world trying to get CLEAN,
We hunting for that money trying to get CREAM,
Our face says it all our smiles be looking MEAN,
We individually dyslectic we can’t spell the word TEAM.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

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I am going literally crazy trying to get my fitness to the next level. I want to drop like a mean 15lbs, but it’s super difficult. I kind of know why it’s not working in which is the effect of two factors, I need to do new dynamic workout routines to confused my muscles, the real painful stuff, as well as my diet and the things I am eating.

I am already the king of dropping 25lbs in a month before, but I was really focused on my diet at the time. I was eating only cereal with blueberries for breakfast, one bowl and at nights only eating pop corn with water, and during the day I was a beast in the gym, while drinking a lot of energy drinks and salad. I really don’t want to go back to that madness even though it was interesting what I could achieve if I was serious. But at the end of the day, that was too crazy of a life to live.

So my best option to do to lose weight and be better toned is to do a combination of detox and good clean foods. I do very intense cardio workout in which I have seen dramatic changes to my legs and I have some very nice shoulders, but I could use more cuts and trim definition of the body.

To enhance my workout for the next 3 months I have a few rules and challenges I am going to adapt, in which I have used in the past that worked well.

NO CARBS (no cookies, no beer, no bread except for quality wheat bread, tiny portions or no rice at all)
*With that alone I should be able to control my abs and my core to go longer and do better workouts.
I will do this for a month to test the results then continue.

I also will add more home workouts such as Yoga and Pilates to my routine, via the gym alone is no good enough for me. I shall also borrow my friends P90x and Insanity to add a great deal of intensity and repetition to my workouts.
It’s funny for those workouts are already crazy and maddening, so I am in for a treat.

I am starting to train others, in which are seeing good results from my regular workout routines and patterns in which is pushing my hands in getting personal training certification for next year. I will see how that turns out.

What do you think? Are you trying lose weight over the holidays?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson