Monthly Archives: March 2013



Within the bed sheets above the pillow, you lie there,
Love and heart break happens in the same place, you cry there,
You are a lost cause, time has passed, you die there,
Your dreams & passions fuel your soul so each morning, you rise there.

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |



Aint nothing passing me except height,
I can stop anything running to first and second base, my might,
I am willing to laughs if she says I have a short stuff,
But remember this girl I am just a short stop,

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |

I Beg Your Pardon

Pardon Me, Sir

Noob, what did you say as your lips split with cryptic words that flow,
You didn’t know I was sent to burn, leaving ashes, float as flies and glow,
I am not sure if I heard you right, I define and create a matrix of depth,
For all the power I bestow, you should already know the words not to be said.

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |