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Within the bed sheets above the pillow, you lie there,
Love and heart break happens in the same place, you cry there,
You are a lost cause, time has passed, you die there,
Your dreams & passions fuel your soul so each morning, you rise there.

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |



Aint nothing passing me except height,
I can stop anything running to first and second base, my might,
I am willing to laughs if she says I have a short stuff,
But remember this girl I am just a short stop,

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |

I Beg Your Pardon

Pardon Me, Sir

Noob, what did you say as your lips split with cryptic words that flow,
You didn’t know I was sent to burn, leaving ashes, float as flies and glow,
I am not sure if I heard you right, I define and create a matrix of depth,
For all the power I bestow, you should already know the words not to be said.

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |

A Girl, My Type

She loves it when I bring home the bacon,
So she whipped up some grits,
She is truly my lady, she compliments me, she does her thing,
She is never into to losing, she is about that life, she is down to win.

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |

The Day of Love

Happiness came beaming out of me, so bright I could prevent shining,
I was so humble by the feeling I could stop smiling so I started writing,
Love notes to the one who had my heart and to whom I had there’s,
I am love stricken, the joy I feel only came out as happiness with tears.

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |

In Theory


Nothing Could Come Between Us

Nothing Could Come Between Us (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In theory, just a thought nothing less,
Visual episodes, replaying never skipping,
Out of character, a concept was formed,
Life by the sea, waves hit the shore, gone…

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis | 

After Birth

After birth I scream and shout,
I let my vocals blow mommy ears out,
I poo I break things, I even nibble on things,
I wait for daddy to make me fly, wings.

But he was never there….

Jixi Fox |
The Creative Nemesis |

Movie Moment

When the bad guy wins and hero dies,
When the lover passes away and the other survives,
When you can’t stop laughing so you press rewind,
When every scene can be repeated in the back of your mind.

Jixi Fox |
Creative Nemesis |