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Claiming you can’t bend over,
Mostly due to you having a hangover,
Ducking hours of pain,
Having a case of the Mondays,
Not trying to moving a finger,
OMG I think I am sick so I can’t go in,
I am just saying I want to play,
So it’s a F U Manager day,
I just want to lay in bed,
Hopefully get to lay my head,
Just need to squat and linger,
They definitely know me as the malingerer.

Young man with bandage on finger.

“Di-Ox Nemesis”

Jixi Fox

Hot Damn I Rock

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Hot damn I rock!
Cuz I’m honest and the realist dude you’ll hear from,
My insight in key, so unlock these pointers if you need some,
Just trust me, you’ll need them. .

A short 4 lines for that Maryland native, Kain Carter. If he doesn’t sound familiar to to You, know that he Is a YouTube sensation, giving his input and advice on everyday life, while making you laugh. I watch this guy everyday and honest he inspired some pieces You see in the poetry section. Go check him out! Kain Cater, Hotdamnirock, it’s good stuff! And that’s what’s hot…

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