I have a golden eye for danger,
You have not heard of anything stranger,
Page me if you need your life saved,
I got you, I run into the line of fire, like I am brave…. BEEP BEEP.


Always on the edge,
The world is in chaos,
You are either the right person for the job,
Or you are a dead ops,
Operative with much skills to kill,
That is really the job,
If this ain’t your job,
Then this is your side job,
Bars stools know you well,
Bartender knows your order like a bad spell,
Shaken and not stirred,
People getting on my damn nerves,
Everything is top secret,
I hope that you get it,
You only have one shot that counts,
So pull out the golden gun,
I win,
You mad,
You salty,
I am leaving with a model,
Hotel suite getting naughty.


Goldeneye 007 is one of the best video game ever created. It’s based off a movie, but such a fun multiplayer game. I use to play with friends and family on the Nintendo 64 console for hours and hours.

About The Series:

These verses of poetry, lyrics and storytelling are light jabs of creativity. There are some lines that of tap of humor, or a combo punch, or just a knock out punch. I am a creative writer, I write about anything and add my own twist and flavor to the world. People, ideas and things of the world inspire me to write. There is nothing like connecting with people and sharing your art & style. I truly hope you enjoy what your read. 🙂

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