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Criticism – You Are Doing Life Wrong!?

All my life, I was told I am doing life wrong. Being an artist, you are open to be judged, to be questioned on your direction. How can someone tell you where you are going if they never been there before?

The story of my life I guess. It’s like a mother not allowing their child to grow up. It’s like a teacher saying you will never graduation. It’s like your boss telling you won’t be greater and potential higher them in the future.

Never limit yourself.
Never not believe.
Always talk up for yourself.
Don’t be fearful of failure.
If you don’t speak your vision, then who will?

I just wanted to share a piece of real with the world.

Photo by Brett Jordan

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I got a compliment today. I went to the gym and this young lady was like, OMG, you are so flexible. I was in a stretch for yoga, and wasn’t looking for anyone to say something nice, but it did. It was a good feeling.

I bought chipotle today, and got a free drink. I went in and ordered a chipotle bowl, and went to checkout, with no drink, and the guy at the register was like you can’t eat with no drinks, this drink is on the house. That was a nice thing of kindness, it made my day.

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love poems – i need you

had a dose,
not the most,
so close,
i am still craving,
laying down without you,
crying out,
i need you.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy

love poems – a love story is a series of love poems written to capture the art of love and all the beauty and chaos that comes with it. follow the story…”

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